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This is the Way a Designer Would Style Your Coffee Table

Coffee table uses are never lacking in abundance, and the aesthetics value can never be overemphasized.

Like a blank canvas, coffee tables offer an array of decor option from creative, traditional to modern.

Its the center of any living area; together with sofas, coffee tables create the backdrop for other sitting area ensembles.

This is the Way a Designer Would Style Your Coffee Table

People will read loads into your persona by the decor choices in your spaces. Coffee tables (regardless of size) void of decor makes areas bare and lacking.

Look to beautifully flavor your coffee table and create a style that is authentically you. This way guests will naturally muse at the depth of your interiors.

There are no hard & fast rules, only witty styling, and brilliant decor hacks to fashion an impact. Want to know what will go where on your coffee table?

Below are a few ideas you should consider.

Away From The Norm

Sometimes be a rebel, move against the grain and invent your own styling. Decor that screams confidence and attitude. Choose art pieces that are unique, ones with outstanding aesthetic.

You could opt for something with traditional styling but easily blends with modern settings. Like a Mid-century -dark -walnut -angular tables that complement warm-subtle -hue furnishing, Ideal when you need to break the neutral monotony: Coming in a range of styles there is definitely something in the offing.

Or Imagine something inspired by Christian Grey (Did you see that tree stump coffee table? Damn) that's perfect for your first apartment Consider diving into the deep end with an antique coffee table oozing traditional -rustic textures for elegant garden and farmhouse thrills.

Look to blend two styles, like metal legs with trunk table top to accentuate what would otherwise be another boring piece of furniture.

Stack The Heights With Interesting Reads

Spice up the height of your coffee table with a stack of books. Mostly books you need quick access to, choose different sizes of hardcover reads that sip into your general interiors.

Books give your coffee table height significantly reducing laterally boredom of tabletop sprawl. Try blend the books color with those of accents like throw pillow especially when you need "hot" hues to spike neutral interiors.

When arranging the books start from large to small ensuring there is a somewhat standard difference in size for texture and symmetry. Again!! these rules are not in stone, work your creative magic and see what you come up with.

Place the books with reference to other decors on the table. If the stack is the centerpiece set it conspicuously (front central part). Place the stack on one corner when other pieces are central and subtlety is desired of the book stack. You can opt to use the books as the base for other art pieces, Stack three books that will base the accents on top.

Then there are the perfect reads for your coffee table. First, consider your preferred publications, most often trendy reads in fashion and entertainment make the cut. At times you will want the novel you catching up on or at least two of your study book if on the session.

Remember to consider your guests, swanky pictures and small blocks of text are calmly indulging as opposed to long prose. Also conservatively use magazines to reduce the bulk of coffee table books or when working with a limited budget.

Living Perks For Natural Accents

Now, if you are inspired by nature you will know to get a piece of the world inside your home sparks desires. Like books, having live plants on your coffee table creates some unique and exquisite height.

Although plants run the risk of cluttering (considering plants are not stand alone) they easily make exemplary centerpieces when accompanied by lesser accents. The reason why plant aspect standout is the shape concept, Unlike books which are fairly standard shapes with static aesthetics, inconsistencies in plants are intricately unique.

With every bloom, plants will gradually transition the sight in your spaces. Jade plant (money plant), native to Southern Africa bud (if they ever) tiny pink and white flowers in bloom, resulting sight is akin to twinkles on a light show. Or is it the antique skin -therapy guru Aloe vera?

With a range of species get the best of this towering greens for spectacular sprawls.

However, having indoor plants is not for the faint-hearted. Always be on schedule to water the plants, Place them in areas with enough natural lighting and only opt for artificial lighting when absolutely necessary.

Finally, if you are wary of your horticultural skills, a vase of fresh cut flowers will have a similarly welcoming, zingy effect on your coffee table—albeit a little less long-lasting.

Flowers qualify as plants, but ideal when the need is not so much nature but color, Though flowers with greens would have natural feels, I can't think of any.

Decorative Vases,Bowls & Trays

Vases, bowls, and trays are by far the most versatile of all tabletop decor.

Vases on coffee table tops come in different sizes and all kinds of styles.

Whether you need rustic looks or polished looks. With decorative vases, bowls, and tray you will append culture, texture, and pattern to your interior.

When going for polished looks consider glassware vases and bowls, the aesthetics of which are delicate glamour. Unfortunately, glassware is fragile and definitely not ideal when you have kids or pets around.

Away from glassware, consider concrete vases for earthy tones or white concrete vases to spike energy on wooden tops. Concrete vases equally blend with stone table tops, With perfect texture transition across the coffee table to the accents.

Vases are perfect for height on your tops, if looking to embellish the spread of the table, bowls, platters & tray suffice. Trays are excellent when you want other accent items to sit on the table. Use trays as bases for your remote and other put-ons.

Bowls can be stand-alone especially if used in sets of varying sizes. With bigger bowls, hold other decorative pieces like stones, shells or fruits.

Best bowls for coffee tables are ideally small and cultured, this way the decorative aspect outweighs the empty spaces inside.

Stay "Lit" With Some Candles & Lanterns

Remember when I said flowers are best for color? and when I said vases & bowls are versatile? well now imagine Christmas or home dates. To get the best of candles think glass -candle -holders, the light on glass create an ambiance only second to pendant light (who doesn't want them some pendants?)

Or use a vase holder to consolidate all vases in one area. Hold flowers on the tallest vase and candles on the others. This way the area on your coffee table transforms into a wedding table setup perfect for date nights.

If the idea is the rustic-rural vibe metal candle holders or lanterns best bring out the feel. Earthy and rustic tones on candle holders blend with the greenery for outdoor coffee tables.

If strictly working the "rule of three" for outdoor tables first consider metal -candleholders or lanterns, add at least a plant to blend your tabletop with the outside greenery. Thirdly use a woven tray for small items like keys or a book. Preferred rustic wood coffee tables are perfect for outdoor spaces (gardens & patios). Try glass vase holders for a modern touch.

Create Chic Styles With The "Rule of Three"

One thing I've come to appreciate about decorating rules and most art rules is they can be bent. They inspire and you aspire distinctive result (hell, that rhyme Niiiice, NO?? OK!!), a lot like shells, stuff the fillings see what you come up with.

The rule of three is pretty standard. In essence three is somewhat of a magic number in design, while decorating everything double down to grouping items in threes. With coffee table decor display three matching decor items of different sizes. The desire is in harmony without overly reducing texture and pattern contrast.

How to Create Groups

Depending on table size choose similar items of varying shapes and sizes, this is best for smaller tabletops. Mix a matched set of same decorators with different sizes shapes. For instance a group of bowls in different sizes and maybe one spoon on the side.

Alternatively, With longer tables use three groups with pieces from a set. Using a set of coffee table books use a short stack as the centerpiece, place a few decorative accents on top to break the monotony. Use another stack to compliment a contrasting piece on one end. This way the books stand out in front while the compliment at the back adds the much-needed depth. On the other end, the tallest stack adds height to the look. Replace the compliments if space feels overcrowded or odd.

What are Sections

Assuming you want to use a bigger spectrum of decoration, you can choose to section your pieces. Take the rule of three as three footprints on your coffee table as opposed to three items.

You could have a stack of books, collectibles on a tray and a vase holder with one vase being a flower pot and the rest candle holders. In such a case the try, stack, and vase holder are the three footprints All other facets within are parts of a section.


Having gained a few pennies worth of coffee table makeover. Look to create a lasting impression on your guest. You will be surprised how much effect tables have considering they are not the most expansive features in a home.

Be sure to use the rules, but never lose yourself, be creative. Make your tabletop the true canvas it is, play around with the colors see what comes of it. Even if a setup looks perfect always try to experiment if it really is the perfect look it will come full circle.