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What Items are the Must-have Essentials for Your Mancave?

What Items are the Must-have Essentials for Your Mancave?

"What shouts man cave than freedom!"

And the rule

the ultimate rule, this rule.


And trust me there is a whole lot of them.

My favorites, "NO sitting on my chair".

"Keeps your hands OFF the remote".

and the stunner

" Women on invitation ONLY".

All this assuming you hack the hard part, convincing your spouse to let you hoard a corner of your home, where men can be men.

Given there might be no room available, Don't shy away from making your office space ideal for work and play: with enough room you can intricately blend these two settings.

Or you could remodel your workshop especially if you are a budding DIY enthusiast.


I made a list, check it out.

Astute, Precise Entertainment


Now, when we talk man cave TVs, we are thinking affordable; monster and deep pictures.

TVs that make gaming and sporting viewing experiences nothing short of a reality.

How are the stakes In 2018 ?

These are your man cave viewing options.

Home Theater Projectors

This is for those who bigger is best and the room is plenty.

This is for those who a good movie is a solace.

I might not exactly be the best person to give techy reviews, but from what I've gathered projectors perform well on size to price ratio compared to your average TV.

One thing though, projectors viewability change dramatically with ambient light. You will seriously need to consider the output brightness rating in ANSI Lumens.

A projector with 3000 lumens should be able to compete with an average amount of ambient light.

One other thing to consider is the home theater projector screen. The fun part is, there is a lot to work with here.

This is an equally big opportunity for DIY projects. With a wall, matte paint and/or matte blackened cloth you can make yourself a screen.

50" to 85" HDR 4K TVs & The Mythical Wallpaper TV

Its a defiant battle of preference if you choose to go with a TV.

Well, size is still a subject but!

Picture quality, that's the frontline.

Contrary to a few years ago, HDR & 4K technology is a reality. This is not to say 1080p (full HD) is no longer an option.


Even 720p(widescreen HD) is still ahead of its time.

You are probably wondering how does HDR (High dynamic range) compare to 4K. Honestly, it does not rather they compliment.

4K increases the resolutions by increasing the number of pixels per inch.HDR increases the contrast between the whitest white and the darkest black, that way pictures are more alive (literally).

HDR function primarily increases the pixel quality.

Now if you are absolutely crazy (in a good way of course) about making a statement of your man cave, hear this "LG 4K OLED wallpaper TV"

Yeah it's thinner than your iPhone. But with an $ 8000 price tag, its simply mythical, the pricing is nowhere near practical.

But hey!

TVs You Should Consider in 2018

  • TCL-65R617 65": Features: 4K Ultra HD, Dolby vision HDR, LED Backlight contrast control. Retailing on Amazon @ $999.97
  • Samsung 75" : features: QLED 4K,HDR,smart TV. Retailing on Amazon @ $ 3997.99
  • Sony XBR-X900E: feature:4K, HDR, Smart TV. Retailing on Amazon @ $ 1498
  • Panasonic TX-55FZ952B: OLED 4K, HDR

Surround Sound System

Home surround sound systems is a lot to think about, it does get easier when it one room though.

The cost does vary: averaging between $300-$700 with high-end systems going up to $3000 dollar. Honestly, there are sound systems that go to an up of $ 8000 (Dolby Atmos home theater) which again ain't very practical for most folks.

Sound systems cost depend on whether they are wired or not.

Unwired you ask?


In fact, they are the more affordable option. Consider this: contracting someone to wire a whole sound system,surely digs into your budget.

Well, the quality is good and the sound angles are to kill for, but wireless technology has to be a couple hundred bucks cheaper.

Another variable is the speaker placements. Mounted speakers are more affordable and easier to install compared to integrated systems.

Finally, who makes you sound?

Bose, Dolby & Onkyo are the big boys.

LG and Sharp make mid-range equipment while JVC makes mid-range to budget products.

There are generic makes but you can never be sure of the quality.

Of course you can work with conventional HTIB (Home theater in a box) systems. Ultimately sound definitely makes this essential man cave list.

For Silence Within

Imagine having to break the bank for a man cave but never enjoy the experience.

It's a suburb family home. You cant be blasting dust off furniture with your manly speakers at two in the morning.

Privately enjoy the experience on a pair of quality Bluetooth headsets averaging between $100- $350.

You will need to consider soundproofing the man cave but until then, cruise on subtle entertainment.

Sony, Bose, and Sennheiser have awesome quality headsets. You could consider these options though they are the pretty high end.

  • Sennheiser PX550/Sennheiser Momentum 2.0
  • Bose quiet comfort 35II.
  • Sony MDR 1000 X/C.

Gaming Console or Game Table

Don't be fooled by full beards and half a head hairlines (bald; and not the sexy shaved kind), boys will always be boys.

We enjoy PS4 Pro or X-BOX one X same way we enjoyed Nintendo game boy ages ago.

But we've got options now chess, monopoly, dominoes,,uno...

In a man cave you go all night.

Now, given the magic of technology in TVs and sound systems gaming consoles seems like the obvious choice.

But let's face it; with brazen ego going around, once a while, (you know: when you hosting game night) wear your big boy pants and throw down in a legendary bare-knuckle poker brawl.

And what do the numbers look like?

With sinister realism off eight cores clocked at 2.3ghz, 12GB RAM, 1TB storage, and 4K HD graphics X-Box one X retails at $450 on Amazon (rough estimate).

PlayStation 4 pro is better priced at $350 (.....again a rough estimate), though not all PS4pro games come with 4K at 60fps (frames per second) capabilities.

You could choose to invest on a game table and trust me there all kinds out there.

For DIY enthusiast you can try making one, but I'm sure it won't be all fireworks and roses.

When there is need to buy one, choose a versatile model, for instance, go for one that doubles up as a dining table.

This way you will have two assets for the price of one.

A perfect one retails at around $650 on Amazon.

Now that you got a table

If you are one of those people who believe in the whole "chess increases fluid reasoning and processing speed" theory, consider a multi-level chess board.

It's not the best way to relax but hey, what is?

Besides its an awesome spice to the whole man cave setup, and of course, you'll look smart.

And at least one old-legendary game piece. Something that takes you way back.

It feels nice to relive your childhood

Comfartable Furniture


When we think couch, its comfort, and space all the way.

A sofa that you can kick your shoes off and put your feet up. There are several options out there.

A reclining sofa is perfect if you get a friend over frequently. That way you both get to relax.

You could choose to get a sectional sofa if you host more than one guest.

For a theater setting, home theater couches are the real deal. Best with projectors and surround sound systems to create a cinema vibe.

But there are things we can't have in man cave, floral or brightly colored furniture. I mean its a man cave, keyword "man", its bold colors all year long.

Get somewhat rugged black or brown bonded leather sofas. The rough and masculine kind.

Finally never miss "The Throne", ideally a very fancy reclining pillow pad seat with heavily padded arms.

This is where you, the winning control pad and all the remote controls sit.

That's your happy place, and yeah there is always that one control pad the user always win. Just so you know

Coffee Table

With coffee table coming in all shapes and sizes we need to focus on a pale, laid back elegant brown shade(out of any Man cave theme color palette, you are sure to find brown).

Brown hues always work best, probably because they come in so many shades.

Brown interiors give a brave & warm vibe, creating a very comfortable & secure feel. Blends well with wood and stones finish on walls floors and countertops (if any).

A brown coffee table will be the gems that compliment your decor.

Choose an easy to clean wooden coffee table because stains never miss in areas where its everything and a lot of play.

Wooden tables are first hardy and second easy to clean. With a few organic cleaners and polish, you are on your way to an apparent sparkle.

Wood is fairly hardy, to an extent you can use the lower space for books, and put your feet up on top.

Ideal coffee table needs to be at least 2/3 your couch size. This way its possible to serve an occupant on every part of the sitting space conveniently.

About the shape it's mostly what works with your interior. With sectional sitting configuration, rectangular and square coffee tables are ideal.

Art and Memorabilia Storage Space

Space can be limited, and making use of every available option is in the giving.

Given decorative features, wall shelves can serve your storage needs.

Remember that old Nintendo game boy from ages ago? Or, your college days sports memorabilia?? Polish that stuff, do a little of the woodwork and your walls are warmly decorated with your fondest memories.

The space under your coffee table cant serves your whole reading needs either.

Curve out space out of the same shelf for the remaining reads.

Away from storage, there is the aura of art pieces. Some will defiantly go on the wall but all those photos and ceramic arts cant go to the walls now can they?

Besides half your walls might be somewhere between hosting the projector screen and wall units.

Use curious art pieces to spice your storage space. Pick avid outdoor collectibles and make them part of your shelf's facade.

A vinyl record you used to jam to, brilliant grey sculptor oozing of culture or a creamy matte shallow bowl and straight edge plates collection can all make good shelves add-ons.

All your Drinking Needs and an Oak Barrel

Wooden Mini Beer Keg

This is for those who love a glass of copper-brown hue and a head full of foam. A man cave with a wooden mini beer keg screams game night, football and all sports under the sun. With meticulous craft, wooden beer kegs sit in your presence clueless of the delicate style they exude that perfectly compliments the subtle interiors of a man cave. No metal kegs just wood, because away from the bar vibe the aesthetics needs to be eloquent art. Be sure to brew custom beer once in a while its a perfect DIY and a classic use of a wooden keg/barrel.

Whiskey Oak Barrel

There is always we, who are too cool for school. Who think kegs at home is a little overkill. We love a delicate touch of class and enjoy the finer things in life, having lived out the heydays we love it simple, with ultimate sophistication. Beautiful high-quality American oak whiskey barrels are for us. With sheer beauty screaming class, this barrels make a statement whether full or never. With whiskey second only to beer, get a personalized whiskey oak barrels on Amazon for a little more than $59.

Spill-proof Glasses & Cocktail Maker Set

Lord knows we despise cleaning a sloppy mess, a little less than we hate knocking over our favorite drink. He also knows we would kill for a glass that does a spin without a spill after a hard shove. So he brought us spill-proof glasses. Designed none spill Saturn glasses, whiskey tumblers and beer glasses go a long way in keeping you man cave spotless and cleaning need at a minimal. At times the spill is the tip, the iceberg is breakages. For $5 to an up of $35 dollars, you can get nice unbreakable none shutter glasses.

Cocktail maker sets are desirable for articulate and very specific drink mixes. This way always get you ideal drinks without necessarily going to your local bar.

Refridgerator or Kegerator

Kegerators are the in thing when all you want is nice cold beer. When cans and bottles are nuisances and unnecessarily increase the trash burden. Unfortunately, kegerators are only usable for a single type beer. Refrigerators are versatile, for more than just beer. Refrigerators come in different sizes, kegerators too. What is of most importance is the cooling, With a little more budget and space you can integrate fridges with cabinets. That way there is a compact wholesome storage space. For when to store it cold, chill or warm.

With these five essentials, you can carve out a little piece of heaven where to unwind and relax after a long days work.