22 And New At Homemaking? 10 Quick Tips You'll Wish You Knew

22 And New At Homemaking? 10 Quick Tips You\'ll Wish You Knew

I definitely grew up a slobby-brat, at least that's the only way to explain how I could drive and enjoy a cold glass of brown with a full head of foam before learning how to properly clean my room.

Maybe I wasn't as miserable, I did pick up my clothes from the floor once a week, and I mastered how to stick in every piece of fabric-clean or dirty- into the laundry basket.

Then after my college years I got a job and moved out, honestly, I didn't start a family at 22, I still haven't started a family yet. However, all that cleaning shenanigans I thought came with living with other people-you know kids and all- turns out it comes with the need to be a brilliant homemaker.

Long story short I have learned, although the hard way, at least now I know my way around knick-knacks with just a toothbrush and spray bottle.

Now that you are new to homemaking here are a few tips that will save you time, money and a whole lot of stress.

10 Proactive Homemaking Hacks Every Homeowner Needs

Your Storage Space is as Good as You'll Ever Get

Make sure you have enough storage space. It's very easy to underestimate how much we have especially coz our perception is dependent on the size of items.

For instance, we assume if a bed and a dresser fit in our bedroom everything else can squeeze in. It most probably will but then the interior will be so cluttered it will look like a tsunami aftermath.

Invest in stackable storage when you have plenty of loose items. Better still distinguish each member of items with color-coded storage boxes. Personally, I use red storage boxes for grooming products, which is perfect when you don't have a dresser or if you buy these products in bulk.

I use blue boxes for items that would normally be on my desk but they don't have to. Items like the computer mouse, extra pen holder, business card holder and old calendars.

When you can, buy furniture with storage space, maybe a bed with drawers if you have plenty of clothes or a coffee table with storage when you have items you frequently need quick access to.

Finally laundry baskets are a must-have. Make sure to distinguish between the dirty clothes and clean clothes basket, again color coding or using different makes comes in handy.

Read this article on how to make a small bedroom feel big for more insight.

More is Definitely Better, but Means More Cleaning

"Having too much stuff meant having to dust and clean all that stuff. When considering knick-knacks and "stuff," I ask myself if I like it enough to keep it clean. I also ask and consider how easy an item is to clean before I buy it". This statement is a blast from the past for a 22 years old Redditor in her experience as a new homemaker and wife.

Right of the batt too much items in a room is an eyesore. Its gets ridiculously hard setting everything perfectly, not to mention you will increasingly need more space than necessary.

Second, cleaning each unique corner will pose a new challenge that you will quickly have to learn what is worth having and what's not.

Always do a fair analysis before you buy any items, right in the process of comparing quality and price throw in some cleaning and maintenance consideration.

The Cleaning Whiteboard

One thing you will want to have is a cleaning schedule, which for me is a whiteboard, but the old style fridge sticker will still do, coz you know what they say about old folks and new tricks. Whichever approach, just make sure there is progress.

Another thing worth mentioning is with regard to the inherent lazy nature of humankind. The cleaning whiteboard is like a diet plan, no matter how lazy you are, always make sure you tick off daily chores when they are due.

The whiteboard is especially useful with items and spaces that you don't clean daily like your rugs, washing your bedsheets, cleaning your furniture and all that.

I know forgetting is part of the problem and I've been there, my solution is the one thing I always have on me, my phone. Every person in this age has one of those. You will want to set a reminder 48 hours before, which will give you enough time to tweak your daily routine accordingly.

Set another reminder the night before the cleaning day and one the next morning which will keep you amply aware of your obligation.

I bet there are home cleaning apps available too, but your average phone notifier should be sufficient.

Stay Laser-Sharp on Chores

Cleaning is unmistakably not something most people enjoy, in fact, its the closest most of us will get to "necessary evil". However, its a way of life and we got to embrace it.

Dishes, laundry, and general cleaning are the tasks you need to stay on top of.

Dont let you dishes sit in the sink for more than a while after you finish dining. Obviously getting to them later will be a hustle and will seriously mess up other activities.

Doing laundry as frequently as possible should be at the top of your agenda. If your clothes accumulate to an extent your washing machine can't take them all at a go, you probably need to revise your schedule.

However do your chores optimally to reduce cost, coz the same way too much is costly so is too little.

Now take this house chore tips from the same Redditor I mentioned before it has helped me a lot.

"When cleaning the kitchen and bathroom floors sweep with a regular broom and dustpan to get crumbs and larger pieces first. Then swiffer as many times as it takes with as many swiffer cloths as it takes to get the floors clean and dust free.Then mop last without having to worry about debris, hairs, etc. getting into the mop."

"Good quality tools for cleaning are indispensable. Do not go cheap on cleaning tools. Especially vacuums. Use microfiber cloths to dust."

Make Everyday a Learning Day

One thing I now know is no one home is the same to another, at least not entirely. So getting creative will go a long way toward crafting very tailor-made hacks just for you, and maybe a few of your friends.

Another plus is books, for avid print enthusiasts try some of the very best there is but if the convention is too much try Ebooks which are quite engaging or audio books which unfortunately are not for me. Somehow they end up being very soothing and I always find myself half asleep.

Two good books I would recommend are "The Life-Changing Magic of Tyding Up" and "How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind".

Chunk-Up Tasks and Everything Around Your Home

Its easier on both the mind and the body when you can visualize items in groups. Dividing chores, area, and items in the house make it fairly easy to focus.

When you clean, do one whole room top to bottom.However it could be more efficient to do all the windows in one run, all the dusting next, but the mental boost of having one clean room that feels good is really worth it most times.

You don't have to go too crazy with fancy China or anything but do keep one set of sheets, pillows, and towels that are only for guests. They live in the closet most of the year but it saves you the stress of thinking about it when people are coming.

Make yourself a list of things that need to be done seasonally as well as the daily chores, of course for me, this goes on the whiteboard but the chores are chunked.This makes it easy to focus on basic room keeping and not forget the infrequent but equally important tasks.

When was the last time you deep cleaned your dishwasher and fridge, reorganization your closet, cleaned your gutters or vent covers in baths, all this risk fading into the background until they all bombard you on a single day.Chunk your chores to make sure these instances don't unfold.

Do You Have Pets? Be Ready to Clean a Whole Lot of Hair

Even before you get to grooming your pet, the cleaning stake already manifest on your rugs, chair and literally every nook and cranny.

Most important is to consider if you are ready to commit before you bring any pet home. Coz having a pet is a lifelong commitment that you don't just snap out, its actually pretty much like a real baby.

Make sure you have space where your pets can rest, this will minimize the number of times they will be on the sofa, bed or even rugs. Also, choose a spot for your pet and train them to stay, this will concentrate much of the hairs to one area which is easier to focus on

Your vacuuming game could be A1, but you probably still need to know your way around a lint roller. This equipment pick up hair from virtually any surface and not to mention its the affordable option for pet hair and fur.

Another thing to consider is how much dirt your pets transfer from outside. Keep a towel or a shallow container on your steps to clean your pet's paws before they venture back indoors.

Resist the Hoarding Urge

Understandably hoarding to some is a disorder which takes more than a slap on the hand to resolve. However, for a majority hoarding is the default setting, we have a gazillion items we don't use but we never dispose of.

This items slowly overwhelm your storage spaces and on to the facade.Before you know it, your spaces are full of items you don't take a second glance at leave alone use.

Quick test, walk to your closet and try to identify how many clothes you wear frequently, you will be surprised by the substantial amount of clothes you didn't remember you owned.

There are many options of disposing items you don't need anymore, but probably the most obvious would be donating. You should also consider consigning, this way you get some money back especially items that are still in good shape but you don't use anymore.

Its another thing altogether to really put a lot of thought into what you buy. Sometimes you hoard items, not because you no longer need them but coz you didn't need to buy them in from the go. There are a lot of ways to access thing you need for single use. Seriously consider renting unless you really need to buy.

You Can Never Go Wrong With a Household Budget

Learn how to document your household earnings and spendings so to consciously make a reasonable budget. You can opt for the old trick with pen and paper but in this century it's plausibly easier with a spreadsheet or an accounting program.

Altenatively, you can manage all your finances with ease on free money manager and financial tracker apps. In my opinion Mint has easy and reliable features and makes the best alternative.

You can download mint on gadgets running on iOS-iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch - or download it on google play store for gadget running on Android.

However Mint is only available in the US and Canada, here is a direct response by mint support to the question.

Is Mint available outside the US?

Currently, Mint only supports banks and financial institutions in the US and Canada.

We may support financial institutions based outside of the US in the future, but we do not have a timeline when that may be.

There are other options outside Mint regions like Everwealth in the Australia and Oceania region.

One thing to note though, these apps are generally financial and Wealth management apps, which includes all your prudent spending,saving and earning solutions.

Try to Realize the Joy in Homemaking

To enjoy homemaking you have to reconfigure every thought on what makes your place tick.

Think of homemaking as the art or making your space, comfortable, clean, enjoyable and a place of peace where all are welcome. The food is good the company better, and the atmosphere is breathtaking.

However It’s not just general housekeeping, you can leave that to the maid, or just cooking, you can call out for that too. It’s that feeling of belonging and peace, that here at least all is good.

Develop a culture where your housekeeping routines listen to your heart coz then you will find inner peace, surprisingly your systems will simply feel like therapy and not a trials.

Revert to Green Cleaning products

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, only a fraction of registered chemicals have gone through complete testing for human health concerns.Hence cleaning products can present several health and environmental concerns. They may contain chemicals associated with eye, skin, or respiratory irritation, or other human health issues.

You can protect your health and the health of your family, pets and the environment by making your own cleaning products with simple, less toxic ingredients.

Use this or any other good online recipes to make your household cleaners.