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The Rustic Masculine Decor that'll Sure Make Her Eager to Move In

The Rustic Masculine Decor that\'ll Sure Make Her Eager to Move In

I'll let you in on the bomb-est concept of rustic I've ever heard.

"Rustic is a contemporary twist on masculine country comfort inspired by the rugged of nature."

Tell me you are not thinking Hugh Jackman!

Tell me he is not bare chest strolling a Tuscan-Inspired 1930 villa, bi-triceps and packs popping, sipping on Remy Martin Louis XIII.

Rustic is rugged so are his jeans.

Of course, he is barefoot; it's handcrafted-heartwood-pine weathered flooring.

What could go wrong?


Let me show you how to realize that dream.

Since you've decided on a masculine feel, instead of going after the shabby chic look, think in terms of a hunting lodge and rugged country club.

With a beautiful blank slate to start with, you'll want inspiration from outside.

Take a drive around.

The countryside scenery is all you need.

NewYorkers...swipe left!

Steal ideas from the earthy tones, pine green, tough stones and the red of the barn.

Recreate this relaxed-welcoming thrill inside and you off to the races.

Here are a couple of tips.

Thank me later.

The Touch of Color Charms

Expose raw and unrefined elements rich in earthy tones to bring the outside indoors.

You can opt for one color and hop between tones or choose one basic and one accent shade, of course depending on your setting.

Remember the aim is the room to look cozy and relaxing, not overly stimulated.

Start With The Walls

You might not have noted this but, masculine colors are either tan to dark brown, dark to pale blue, shades of grey, beige and jungle greens.

Usually the wall and ceiling color is the first things to choose, and if done well, makes the prime impression. The combination of dark wood and blue can be very appealing. Blue is cool and laidback whereas dark wood is warm and bold.

Look at dusty grey that may seem a bit darker than you have in mind but when used on the entire room will appear lighter. Also, consider medium colors like browns and beige then tap your personal test to fill your palette.

Decide Your Color Palette

Now that you know what color you want for your walls, find a color palette you like.

Pick a palette you can commit to coz this will be your guide to picking other pieces going inside your rooms.

If you are fuzzy on your decision Sherwin WilliamsColorSnap visualizer should do the trick.

Simply get a snap of any room scheme you like and color snap will create a palette for you, which should be awesome.

See these samples

Modern Masculine With A Rustic-Floor Touch

In this palette eight colors standout, a combination of which forms this amazing facade that would adorn any modern city bachelors pads and mancaves.

Browns add contrast to combinations of blue and gray with an extensive white tones base. This color composition is suitable for modern masculine schemes with a touch of rustic to exude what is ideally a trendy modern style.

Sherwin William's white has many tones ranging from high-reflective white, through to alabaster which sits close to grey down to extra white which is borderline blue-I could be wrong.

Choose the high reflective white like-the whitest of SWs whites-for your walls and spike it with a mix of alabaster and choice cream on accent chairs, side table, and lampshade.

Defy the wall with the high contrast cascades contemporary velvet sofa embellished with a variant shade of burgundy to blush pillows.

Jazz the space with rustic, weathered and heavily grained wood floors then top that up with golden bronze glass top coffee tables. The coffee table hues can be complemented with frolic lampstands with the accent seats and sofa adorned with a variant of burgundy, blush or gorgeous white pillows and throw blankets.

On this scheme keep the textures light but add some weight with the bronze metallic coffee table frames and reclaimed wood wall accents. You might as well adorn metallic lampstands and earthy tones bowls and vases.

Eventually the whole scheme should be a fly through with neutrals; light-blues, greys, and whites. Dominating large wall areas with these lights shades will keep the space cozy then bring in the rustic with bold woody browns on floors and wall art. Spruce the area with deeper blues- on the sofas- and go natural with woody whites on accents and curtains.

The key elements to should stand out in this palette are the weathered floors with a pinewood light deeply veined contrasting the deep blue sofa.

The neutral are pretty much used to hold everything together and everything from a light grey to plain white should do.

Monochrome With Rustic Touches of Brown-Bold Timber

Now, let's get this argument out the door right off the bat.

Monochrome doesn't necessarily mean sprawls of neutrals, hell, this is not snaps and caption. But don't get me wrong, there is the Rustic symphony in neutrals;later.

This monochrome is of the bold, raw, unrefined tones of brown that shove the woodsy fall jazz inside.

Opt to dive into the deepest of the rustic masculine ends with this vibe.

Adorn honied white-SW 7106- on your walls bathed with wooden copper red-SW 2839- wall art for accents. Also, splash the copper red on window frames and doors; feel free with slightly-weatherized wood on the frames and go full bold with a shimmer on doors.

Tobacco reclaimed wood floorings will top up the ecstatic rustic with tones of brown sprawling underfoot; raising through an equally rustic wooden coffee table between the deeply patterned outdoors fabric sofa set.

To break the monotony sip in some hints of choice cream-SW 6351-on the seats and go all out on quest grey-SW 7080- on area rugs. Hints of honied whiter linear patterns on the rugs will add a blend with your walls.

This is definitely an extremely rustic-masculine scheme with the palette perfect for sufficiently warm and bold mancaves.

Greys, Browns and a Rustic Brick Wall

If this ain't genius I don't know what is.

The contemporary indoors design tap the ingenuity of rustic themes screaming class and glamour. The gorgeous additions of the splashes on the accent wall, the throws on the bed, stunning mood lighting and the books lying stack on the bench and floor literally blows this style up design heights.

Quest grey-SW 7080- on the bed and beddings contrast the rugged copper red-SW 2839- brick walls with choice cream-SW 6357- haphazardly put paint.

The aforementioned paint on the feature wall will flow gently across the open floor partly adorned with an intricately patterned golden plumeria- SW 9019- area rug.

Wooden bedside tables and cabinets subtly add to the overall natural look.

To create some contrast a throw fabric on the bed come in alabaster-SW 7008- and couples with a complimenting Rogcraft copper red-SW 2829- throw.

Finally the greys on the bed pave the way for a quest grey column and honied white- SW 7106- windows.

The Rustic Symphony in Neutrals

These palette is a conception of Leanne Ford, the Pennsylvania born interior designer as featured in Lonny: Symphony in Neutrals home tour article.

Its an old and new furniture mix in a piano room. A tobacco-hued leather sofa and a cowhide rug sitting atop concrete floors, as does the antique wheat sheaf coffee table.

The cowhide rug adds earthiness to accents in a summery palette. This palette practices the art of omission; "Don't be afraid of lack of color. Neutral spaces allow beautiful thoughtful objects to be appreciated and displayed."

If you have nondescript walls try the highest ultra gloss you can get. Use matte white on textured, older surfaces or walls with interesting trims.

The designer stuck to a strict palette of creams, black, white and metallic which keeps everything grounded. In mind, she chooses to incorporate an array of materials to warm the entire home.

In this context the add-on separated from the neutral trend like the tufted brown-leather chesterfield anchors the tough rugged nature we desire of a masculine palette.

So does the cowhide rug contrasting with the earthy gray cement floors.

Adorn Overall Rustic Looks; Splash Nature Inside

Natural Stone Counter and Vanities Tops

Natural stones like slate in open concepts bring dated spaces to life.With natural elements such as stone countertops and wooden accents, designs fit effortlessly with the overall rustic vibe.

Include stone vanity sinks, free-standing elements, and oiled bronze on faucets to create a space you'll never want to leave.

For kitchens and bigger family rooms, that include a kitchenette or a dining corner, subtle grey slate counters will work both as dividing line between the two areas and as uniting elements with a smooth transition to modern cooking spaces.

Slate countertops are hard and earthy, and since frequently used on floors; on countertops, they are a breath of fresh air; rustic and casual but hella classic.

Porbably go an extra mile with natural color handcrafted stone sinks with a matte finish.

Exposed Stone Feature Walls

Embrace the natural beauty of stone by paring back your walls to expose the raw unrefined underneath.

This creates a general outside vibe with uncultured stones popping untamed like boulders on a scenic cliff.

Bricks are the building blocks of any house, exposure reveals the toughened interiors contrasting fine lines on other pieces which coupled with wood and stone tiles create the wild and free of nature.

Exposed stone should embellish feature walls in front areas of living rooms or bedrooms. You can also spruce highly individual feature like fireplaces.

Style a modern rustic look feel with whitewashed stone.

Bare unpolished stone oozes country style but is an equally great way to create focal points when everything else leans towards trendy styles. Bare stones are the stack contrast in contemporary-rustic themes.

Expose your wall entirely to create a stunning heritage feel and adorn an earthy and textual alternative to wall covering. Together with open fires, exposed beams, and muted furniture shades, stone walls will enhance cozy rustic spaces.

Reclaimed Wood Floors and Walls

Reclaimed lumber particularly Tobacco Pinewood siding is gorgeous adorning silver-grey tones on one side that's more exposed to the sun and nice aged brown on the other side.

The contrast come in handy on wall panels to create an overall grey look, all antique brown look or a mix of both. Tobacco wood also tend to have long and full-width planks with predictable nail patterns.

On the flooring you can choose the original saw mark texture with intense weathering when you need a deep rustic look. For a more polished feel, cleaned-up lumber that's kiln-dried and through the milling process set your foot area apart with delicate rugged aesthetics.

You can opt for three-quarter inch lumber for wall paneling.

Although tobacco wood qualifies as the ideal old growth reclaimable barn wood, you can opt to use Juniper, Cypress, or Heartwood pine fence lumber; with longer sun exposure and usually thinner, to make your decorative paneling, shelves, and small furniture projects.

Exposed Ceiling Beams

The aura of exposed ceiling beams add depth and warmth to a home's ambiance. This trend is more than just decor, its an architectural statement with rustic-farmhouse details.

These beams have dramatic themes embedded in texture and bold color which brings a warm cozy feeling to interiors.

Lightly painted beams culture a contemporary scheme to the style of the overall interiors. These neutral shades are still textured with a three-dimensional look to add a subtle rustic masculine effect.

For a hint of contrast add a deeper shade of paint away from vivid glossy white and more toward a pale matte cream.

Add pure rustic looks above brighter walls with rich hues of brown, copper brown or a patterned mix of dark brown and a natural look creamy beige. The lined patterns will create instant interest bearing high cathedral ceilings aesthetics.

To spruce with a natural look, add life with natural wood tones. Bring the element with the light color of pinewood beams. Opt to hop between stained and unstained wood pattern for more character and depth.

Rustic Accents and Decor Elements

An important role is played by small items that are friendly and welcoming.These pieces adorn character and enjoy the eye adding mood to your space.

Most handmade items revive your interior and gently relax with their aesthetics distant from work areas but cultured with love, passion and interest.

To achieve your rustic desire drift towards handcrafted accessories and stay as clear from mass produced items. The accent in your rustic home should be at the least simple, organic and authentic.

Pottery and Ceramics

Pottery and ceramics have played an artistic role in homes throughout history. In all shapes and form these pieces are the perfect antidote to homogenous decor whether displayed sparingly or spilled across a masterpiece.

Display your ceramics solo or among other displays. A great way to inject color and interest is by adding houseplants to the potted aesthetics.

Choose a pot that highlights the beauty of your plant and sufficiently transition your indoor space into a sparkle of natural greens. Speckled or ombre glazes in soft jewel tones are dressy enough to enhance the look of a vignette without overpowering it.

Another trick up the pottery sleeve is grouping pottery and ceramics. Group pieces together by color on a central location free of clutter to form a focal point. You may as well contrast with mixed pieces but keep the beautiful natural and authentic.

Create a rustic-farmhouse style with vibrant shades and pieces kept together en masse. The timeworn style of antiques provide the right detail for a rugged rustic feel.

Outdoor-Country Textile and Upholstery

Rustic masculine style incorporates sturdy outdoor fabric that evokes natural aesthetics.Different textiles are often placed side by side leading to a complex but stylish room.

Instead of the everyday industrial material use age-old solutions, fabric that resonates with Shakespeare and woven items that have a little Jesus in them-sisal, jute and sea-grass.

Stick to

  • Natutal grasses woven rugs: Durable, natural grasses and other fibers combine neutral, earthy palettes and rich textures, making them the ultimate design chameleons. They are very strong; renewable; typically free from chemical processing ideal for living rooms, high-traffic and sunny areas.
  • Animal Skin Rugs: Available as complete hides, stitched panels, or woven strips of tanned leather.They are both soft and durable; unique pieces that are generally easy to clean.
  • Woven wood shades: These blinds give your windows an extra touch of rustic patterns and natural woody tones.
  • Warm Color leather sofas: Brown, cream, sand tones, and navy blue are trendy for leather sofas. These colors give every home an elegant leather sofa with rough dramatic beauty that fits every home decor and style. These color are not only for traditional and rustic homes they could also add charm to modern living areas as well.
  • Heavy Outdoor-Indoor Upholstery: If you opt out of leather whichever material you go with should feel so strikingly un-outdoorsy. Turn to high-performance outdoor fabrics for indoor use. It makes sense, given that you need a rustic look that can take a beating.

Sturdy Wood Furniture And Fixtures

Rough or oversized wood furniture, reusing materials, celebrating distressed wood furniture – these are the elements you are looking for in real rustic feels. Each scratch and mark show that the room is not sterile but has been lived in and loved.

First step, decide what you like.It's going to help you decide the feel that you prefer and might even help you find key pieces that you should buy; like, a light fixture, coffee table, couch, chair, ottoman...

Rustic decor can still be masculine but also, traditional, modern, eclectic, or any style. When you are picking pieces, stick to your style but add simple, clean lines to compliment your rich rustic textures.

Distressed Wood and Industrial Metal Coffee Table

Rustic coffee tables are often simple in design and have a wood tabletop with metal legs or other distressed elements.

The good thing about rustic style is that it will go with both leather and linen-covered furniture, so it’s an easy way to start to incorporate more natural elements into your home.

Consider the color of the wood. You'll want a coffee table that is browner if your living space has a lot of earth tones. If your decors lean towards grays and white, a coffee table with a weathered gray finish will go perfectly.

Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves

Reclaimed barn wood milled over a hundred years ago make adorable custom rustic floating shelves.

Color range from oak brown-golden brown tone-.mocha-rich brown-, light grey to weathered grey which is a fairly wide spectrum that easily blends with your general interiors especially coffee tables or exposed ceiling beams.

Perfect shelves should hide the internal support to create the illusion of a solid piece of wood without the conventional wall brackets.

Farmhouse Style Lighting Fixture

Farmhouse ceiling light blends the vintage charm of rustic French villas with today's love of crisp shapes.

Weathered wood and chicken wire chandeliers add bold character and aged culture. They make a modern city home feel woodsy and remote, topped with warm LED lighting you whole place transforms into a country club crib.

Lantern-like fixtures in the kitchen with traditional elements present weighty designs in surprisingly streamlined shapes. The lit beams seem to float across the room's upper reaches, while pairs of pendants provide both ambient and task lighting in interesting ways.

Go Heavy on Patterns and Stipes

Forget the matchy-matchy look, decorate with different styles, colors and daring patterns. Mix antique-traditional design with the astute of modern.

Create textured contrast by mixing hard with soft, squares with rounds and blocky with leggy.

Consider carpeting with contrast for maximum impact. Put an animal print carpet runner or better still a Persian style rug with detailed browns and jungle greens.

Consider thick stripes on upholstery or rugs with "chizzy" unexpected patterns.Mix creamy whites and dark subtle greens then throw in a few browns while at it.

See you later.