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The Complete Guide to Tree Stump Decor and Style

The Complete Guide to Tree Stump Decor and Style

Modern and rustic are probably the most torturing styles to blend. Modern is sleek and rustic is bring the outside inside

Tree stump decor properly epitomizes this dilemma,and the ride is exciting.

Using tree stump decor is a sure way to enhance textures indoors.

Furthermore removing old tree stumps can be a major, expensive hassle, and the process often leaves somewhat unnatural gaps in the landscape.

Whether outdoor or indoor never let a tree stump go to waste, and when you may not have tree stumps laying around buying stump pieces should unquestionably make your bucket list.

However you will quickly realize tree stump decor is not textbook savvy ish, its a craft for ones who booze in their onesie, to later get under the bush and startle a few rabbits outta burrow.

Just for the fun of it.

All I'm saying, in a nutshell, is, if you want to get the most of tree trunk decor you should be willing to daringly get venturesome. The journey from chic to simple is never dull or boring or...

...tell you what, let's get to it.

Let's see what come out of these tree trunk rabbit hole.

13 Chic Tree Stump Decor Ideas.

This Insane Spalted apple Wine Bottle Holder

Needless to say I'm an avid sucker for handcrafted pieces, and I'm guessing you are. So I naturally stumbled on this piece of natures magic spiked with refined artificial ingenuity to create something worth drooling over.

The interwebs stumble I've alluded to led me to Etsy, hands down my favorite handcrafted and all things vintage website.

Rumor is this old tree lived out its days and naturally decayed from the center. It was later reclaimed, air and kiln dried, planed and sanded to a smooth finish.

The wine holder is 13Inches in height,18Inches wide and 12Inches deep.

This piece is ideal especially for us without a cellar, but still love our wine a little more than anything. This piece will silently shout your taste both for de Vin (I'm winging it, no idea whether it fits the context, but who's asking?) and impressive decor.

Half Moon Coffee Table

When wine bottle holders don't hold, indulge another piece of beverage furniture, the coffee table.

Ask me why its called a coffee table, whereas half the times its midway between feet rest or beer table (or maybe its just me), but then the value of which cannot be overlooked.

These half-moon variations of coffee tables should work some texture into your room. Functionality is enhanced by the straight edge facing the sofa, which makes it fairly easy to access every inch of the top.

The coffee table also creates a blend of styles into the room with a natural touch to the somewhat contemporary interiors.

The wood piece atop metal legs equally adds some warmth, a different feel if it was a glass top on metallic legs.

Easy to Move Tree Stump Side Table

Use mobile side table with sectional sofas where table tops can feel a milli-miles away or when your couch is tucked in a corner next to a window with a view.

These piece accent the general interior with enough flux to whichever point you desire. You hence can alter the aesthetics of a room swiftly and easily

Perfect for minimal interiors, the side tables are ideal for DIY decor projects even for the beginners, the designs and tools requirements are basic.

Place smaller accents; maybe plants, on your side table to further expand depth and texture. Try harmonize the hue with the rest of your furniture when used as a secondary piece, but when used for accents, a little contrast doesn't hurt.

Tree Stump Slice Serving Tray

Now let's slice up your stump, down from the top surface closest to the trunk, from when it was a tree at least. Cut radially with a power saw, in even portions (or whichever dimensions).

Cure the pieces if you've got the means. Later plane and sand the top then varnish with a nice color polish to adorn the face.

Serve up some veggies and a steak, call that a DIY serving tray or platter.

Or is it an easy to make DIY slice serving board here are a few quick how-to steps.

  1. Find an appropriate size wooden slice from a wood stump that is dried or seasoned.
  2. Use a stiff brush to clean the bark, making sure to remove any lichen and moss as well as loose debris.
  3. Sand both sides with 150 then 200 grit pad on an electric sander although sandpaper works just fine.
  4. Finish the slice with two coats of mineral oil or butcher block conditioner.

Make Your Own Tree stump Candle Holders

This is another easy DIY project that you can easily implement.Make the best use of any stumps or logs lying around your yard, the best thing about candle holders they can vary in sizes and shapes.

With a few tools you can easily craft your impressions on this little gems.Tree stump candle holders are especially ideal in the festive seasons, or on occasions.

Both candle holders and serving blocks make ideal gift pieces for friends and family, coz we all know nothing beats handmade gifts, they have unique personal touch absent in purchased gifts.

From one log or stump you can choose to make a single large candle holder but its always better to try out a set of holder either in one piece or separate pieces.

Tree Stump Wall Clock

Times have changed and so have the world of technology, analog is no longer the in the thing, but there is something about a dial that is so appealing.

Tree stump wall clock will spread culture in your spaces, with its rustic exteriors and sleek metallic dials it will take you back a few centuries back but still blend seamlessly with modern setting.

This timepiece does come in handy in farmhouses, porches, and patio.It's not to say you can't use them to adorn the main house, in fact, I have seen them used in dining areas just to add some warmth and texture to your wall.

If you need to embellish the top your fireplace with this pieces, add a stand at the back and place them at an angle.You can also do this with your work desk or table.

Light up Your Tree Stump

Sometimes getting the tree trunks from the ground can be a hustle, and sometimes they are still trees well rooted in the ground. But who said we need to uproot? easily light up your yard occasions or not

First you could use string lights and place them around the surface of the stump.Alternatively, make a hole in the stump surface and place lanterns or spotlights.

When you need to light up your paths use tree uprooted stumps and place them along the paths.Again you can choose to place them permanently especially when they are for everyday use, mobile stumps can be used when decorating on garden occasions.

Craft Bird Baths With the Stump

A birdbath is an artificial puddle or small shallow pond, created with a water-filled basin, in which birds may drink, bathe, and cool themselves.

One thing you are sure to never miss in your yard, regardless of where you live are birds.

Birds are particularly helpful to gardeners and birdbaths is a sure way of keeping these gems coming back.

Bird bath designs are many, varying from the very basic pools on the surface of the stump to the more intricate waterfall forms.

Always make sure you keep the birdbaths full with clean water to stay ahead of any ailments either from the birds or otherwise.

Recycled Stump pathway pavers

Some find stumps unsightly, while others find them a visual feature. It depends on how well the stump blends into the landscape.

You need to take several items into account to make your decision: the location of the pathway and whether stump pavers can be integrated into your design; the height of the stump (if it is too low, it is not useful and more of a hazard), and the type of tree and appearance as some tree stumps are better looking than others.

Depending on the location of the pavers, they can be a tripping hazard or get in the way of lawn mowers.Other stumps can decay and attract wood- insects that you don’t want near your house.

To protect the pavers coat with a layer of deck seal, then add a second coat of high gloss exterior clear.

Make the Stump a Planter

Creating planters from stumps is not only a good way to spruce up your landscape but offers other benefits too. For example, as the wood decays, it will help nourish plants with additional nutrients.

Annual flowers are the easiest to plant, but there are many other types you can choose too, depending on your needs and personal preferences.

Annuals with shallow roots don’t need much depth, and probably nothing needs more than 6 inches of depth if you use a good growing medium

Hollow stump planter is the most common method, where you can simply plant directly into the stump itself.You can even situate a container into the hollowed-out stump instead and just set your plants in that.

Tree Stump Chair

With thicker stumps at your disposal consider making a chair, this is especially useful when you cut down old trees in fall. The remaining stumps can be unsightly in your landscape.

Before attempting to shape a stump with a grinding wheel, make sure you feel comfortable using this tool and know how to use it safely.

You can equally choose to use tree stumps that are uprooted, this option gives more versatility since you can choose to use the stump chair indoor or in patios.

However honing these skills require some patience and ample time to properly craft better designs. After hauling home a heavy stump, you have to dry it for weeks and then strip its bark, patch holes and maybe treat the stump. This process often run into weeks, hell even months.

Altenativel you can purchase one from handcraft dealers either online or from one of the brick and mortar stores.

Spice and Warm Your Walls

Cut pieces of the trees stump and completely transform your wall in all shapes and sizes.

Using smaller pieces allows for more flexibility in design.It's better to measure your wall to precisely know how many and what size pieces you need.

Designed properly these pieces can act as light and shades mounts on your walls, which will significantly reduce the hustle of accenting your wall.

Rustic,Bold Lampshades

You probably won't be making a full lampshade out of wood stumps, but you can at least make a rustic steady lamp base.

This lampshade will sure bring a natural feel indoors particularly perfect for farmhouses where the rustic feels fit the bill.

With this epic hacks and short trips to your local home improvement and handcraft store you will definitely add a little sugar, spice, and everything nice to your ensemble.